Monday, May 29, 2006


See Spot on Myspace

Have you ever wondered why your pet is M.I.A.,? Is your pet showing signs of tiredness, or afraid of the word IM?

Maybe, just maybe, he's HAUNTED by real predators in that salacious online world called... MYSPACE. (via SLJ Blog)

Saturday, May 27, 2006


My Latest Challenge-The Power of the Pen-Less

I'm going to TRY...beginning this Tuesday to go 1 Week without using paper. It sounds crazy I know, but I believe we can exist in today's world without using paper.

Anyway, it will be a challenge but here are my requirements: 1) everything has to be done either by phone, email, blog, or website. NO PAPER!

Now, I have to send a letter out to a friend who doesn't have email. Should I call? I'll send the letter today and start my paperless week officially on Tuesday, May 30th.

It will probably be like ANY other withdrawal process.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


No Comment

After scrolling through the (literally) 100s of posts in my bloglines, ONE POST stood out, jumped off the page and literally made me sick (puey). What made me even sicker was this article from the "teacher" himself. See it for yourself.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


My Nun-Mom In Her Vocation

My Brother Anthony Catching The Moment On Video. Posted by Picasa


Visit SLJ For Mother's Day

On my SLJ Blog I'm asking readers to send comments as to "What makes their mom special?" I invite you to join in with comments.

Happy Mother's Day MOMs!

Friday, May 12, 2006


These Words From The NextGenners

From the time I can remember, my mother always said to me, "if you could memorize that crazy song you're listening to, you can certainly memorize your school work."
Well get a load of these teens. It seems like they have a TON of time on their hands...they're talented too.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


A Mother's Day Like NO Other

It's only a matter of time before I receive a phone call from my mother thanking me for the Mother's Day basket I sent to her today. Why so early you may ask? Well, I'm certainly NOT overly efficient. I'm also NOT passionate for early planning...not my personality at all. And if you think I'm trying to win mother brownie points...NOT.

This Mother's Day for my mom, her children, grand-children and great-grand child will be quite different because mother dear entered a monastery in January. She's a part of a whole new family of nuns who pray ALL DAY LONG. So in honor of my mom, I decided to provide a
Top 10 List on Why It's COOL Having a Mother As A Nun; What's funny is that I won't get in trouble because Sr. Camille Bodden has NO access to the Internet like she used to. ;)

Cue Drum Roll..
#10 - I now have 25 nuns who are my sisters(uhs).
#9 - I'm more interested in knowing WHY people enter a monastic life; before this it was "to each his own."
#8- There's always a SHOCK AND AWE reaction when you share the news with others.
#7- Not a lot of people can say their mom is a nun.
#6- I get prayed for, like crazy.
#5- My daughter won't get in trouble anymore (or sent to the principal again) for saying her grandmother. (the principal at my daughter's school is also a nun and questioned her when my daughter innocently state, "my grandmother is also a nun, Sr." "No she's not" was her response.
#4- I don't have to buy expensive clothes for her anymore...she use to have an eclectic wardrobe.
#3- I NOW have an eclectic wardrobe because mom took a vow of poverty and only wears black and white.
#2- I know where she is at ALL late parties to worry about. Although she never went out at night anyway; she's certainly can't now.
#1- Maybe, just maybe, her prayers for the world will work to make it a better place.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


At Least He Tried

Give the guy credit for trying.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Learning How To 'Focus'

Cheryl Wills from NY1 News did a story on this Math program called FOCUS. It's a program that teaches students the ART of using an Abacus to solve math problems. My kids have been in the program for 2 weeks and already, I've noticed a difference in their skills and confidence.

You can view the story here.

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