Friday, May 05, 2006


Learning How To 'Focus'

Cheryl Wills from NY1 News did a story on this Math program called FOCUS. It's a program that teaches students the ART of using an Abacus to solve math problems. My kids have been in the program for 2 weeks and already, I've noticed a difference in their skills and confidence.

You can view the story here.

Hi Amy,

I found your blog today and I was suprised to see that teachers are so much into web technology (especially the Web 2.0 technologies). I think it's great that you and your colleagues make use of it. I remember my school days and we actually had a teacher back then who said (quote): "The Internet will go as fast as it came". Well, I'd love to see that teacher again sometime...

Anyway, since you guys are familiar with web technologies I was wondering if you might be interested in Pageflakes, a compnay that I founded just recently. It's a personalized start page (yes, I know, there are quite a few out there). However, it's not just a start page for a single user but also for teams and groups. I thought it might be an interesting tool for you and your colleagues to create shared pages where you add note modules, task and todo lists, shared contacts and news feeds. It's quite simple - just go to, get a free account and then setup your own, personalized page. You can then either leave it in "private" mode, or change it to "shared" (invited teacher colleagues can use and edit it) or "publish" (everyone can see it, but only you can edit it).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions.

With best regards from Brisbane

Ole Brandenburg - The Web at your Fingertips
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