Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Prayers For Bob Woodruff

Just about 10 years ago, I was fortunate to have worked as a reporter for KNXV-TV in Phoenix, AZ.

ABC News' Anchorman Bob Woodruff and I began there at the same time. I'll never forget reading the press release announcement that we were joining the staff and wondering, "who the heck is Bob Woodruff?" Once I met him, I realized what a power-house journalist he was. But more importantly, he was a gentleman who always complimented others on their stories and always went above and beyond for the story. He's the kind of guy you admire and never forget.

One story he reported on that truly STUCK out for me was a story he did on air bags, here. (I'm happy that KNXV-TV is combing through their file footage for Bob.) Just watch it. He had everyone in the newsroom scared to death because he was injured; but he went on with the story handling it like a real reporter. The airbag hit him so hard and it was ALL caught on tape. Me...I know I would have cried with the force of the impact.

Fast forward to today. I'm watching Bob on television fighting for his life. I'm also watching my own journalism students innocently putting together their packages for their news broadcast mid-term project. My thoughts keep going to the notion that you never know what life has in store for you. Because ten years ago I never thought I'd be working as an educator; now reflecting on the dangers of being a news person, maybe I made the right decision.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Do We Discriminate Against Boys In School?

After yesterday's rant on Boys, this article pops up about a Student who Says School Discriminates Against Boys. It really raises some issues that we all see in schools but probably never addressed.

Here's a quick piece from The AP article that made me stop and really think for a minute...

"Anglin wants Milton High to give credit for playing sports, as it does for art and drama; allow students to take classes on a pass/fail basis so more students will take advanced course without risking their grade point average; and do away with the school's community service requirement, which he says is resisted by many boys."


Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Boys Will Boys If We Let Them.

I've been really analyzing the differences between how boys and girls learn. It's amazing that what works for girls doesn't necessarily work for boys. Over at SLJ I've posted some thoughts.

Boys have to be taught the way they learn....by Hands-on experiences. Sitting in rows or being expected to spit back out rote dialogue is NOT the Way for them to succeed. Even the greatest of men were out there...explorers, scientists, speakers, philosophers etc. Newsweek has uncovered some major concerns that really should raise some flags for educators and parents.

Here are some further thoughts on the subject. My opinions only.

1) While I commend men educators (because the money is not good at all), we need more and we also need GOOD role models. Not some egotist trying to relive his/her high school experience. How often do we see that in school?

2) Give challenges! How many of our young men love competition. We see it in sports all the time...right? Make your lessons both at school and home realistic.

3) Pat the boys on the back. They love to be acknowledged, appreciated and rewarded. Praise goes a long way.

4) Try not to brow beat the boys. It's hard enough for them with the peer pressure raging. Evil eyes hurt.

5) Let them be the leaders sometimes. A teacher's domain is oftentimes intimidating for boys who need to feel powerful and empowered.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


I Missed My Blog

I feel like a real "you know what" having basically ditched my K-F LibraTech Blog. I didn't really ditch it...it's just been difficult maintaining this one and SLJ's.

Each blog has a different part of my psyche working and there's so much to blog about from both ends that I've decided to STAY WITH BLOGGER and continue my posts here. I hope the people who read this blog understand my predicament; but I am here to stay and thanks for reading this.

It feels good being back....almost like that old pair of shoes. Now, could anyone fill me in on what's been happening?

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