Saturday, June 18, 2005


What A Coincidence(?)

A question for readers. Can two people generate similar concepts for a book? I'm not really sure of copyright issues on this one.

But back in 2000, I wrote a collection of ebook stories entitled, The Land of Crayons and Twas The Strike Before Christmas. These crayons deal with social issues that children young and old can identify with.

Anyway, last night night, upon my return from Rochester, I did a google search on my books (as I often do) because I'm in the process of shopping it to publishers. Here's what my search turned up, The Crayons in Rainbow Land.

The author's writes...
"The Crayons have another lesson to teach you as well: that to live in a world of peace and harmony, all of us must respect and help each other, no matter how we differ on the outside."

I bought the book; which is truly delightful and well illustrated. But I guess I'm just AMAZED at the coincidence.

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