Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Meet Hunter Green

Thanks to M.B. for illustration.

Finally...after spending about an hour trying to kill this massive fly, I've been able to SIT and write. Who breeds those things?

Anyway, five years ago my son broke all of the crayons in our 64-crayola pack. He was two then. So needless to say, THE LAND OF CRAYONS was born. These short stories reflect various aspects of human nature and experiences through the voices of crayons.

And with another successful school year coming to a close, I wanted to share a short portion of one of my stories, Hunter Green Goes to School. Hunter is getting, the first-day of school jitters. Remember those? Enjoy and cheers to a great school year...

It's the first day of school, for Hunter Green, she's been awake before the clock could even ring. Her clothes are pressed, her shoes are neat. She's excited about the new crayons she'll meet.
Hunter's dreamed of this day for a very long time. She's a big girl now and looks rather fine.
Mrs. Green is working, she's as busy as a bee, making sure the first day goes very smoothly.
"Hunter...the school bus, quick, grab your things."
"Oh no! I'm not ready....I wish I had wings."
"It's your first day of school Hunter, you can't be late."
"I'm a big girl mom, can't school wait?"
"No, no, my dear, school cannot wait, learning begins at the stroke of eight."
"Mother, will you walk me to the bus? Please let me stay home with you?
I must, must, must."
"Don't worry Hunter. I'll be just fine, but I will miss you so much. You will
be on my mind."
"I think I'm scared mom. Am I supposed to be?"
"It's a big step Hunter, most definitely." Mrs. Green knew Hunter was
really afraid so she sat her down and sent the bus on its way.

"land of the crayons", very
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