Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Thoughts On Diversity

Last week I presented a workshop on Diversity at the Lycee Francais school (here are some resources). I've spent time reflecting on some of the issues raised by some in attendance.

Here are some meaty issues worth thinking.
-Some African American students resent having to celebrate Black History Month.
-How should we celebrate diversity?
-Diversity should not be a stand alone subject but EMBEDDED into curriculum.
-Once you have a diverse population in a school, what do you with it?
-It's difficult for white teachers to understand the internal racism that occurs within people of color.

My thoughts are to take: diversity, culture, ethnicity and anything that makes us who we are, out of the closet (no pun). Because, the more we obsess about it...the more we're divided by the diversity and not united. Sorry to be preachy.

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