Sunday, April 30, 2006


Bye Bye April

Not to be negative, but I'm VERY HAPPY April will bid it's final adieu for this year. What a month it's been. I've been on Technology Planning committees, gave a workshop on Diversity, sat on a visiting team for a Manhattan School's accreditation (four days away from home) and still was able to oversee my LibraTech area (plus teach my broadcast journalism classes). Oh....I also forgot the M and W word....Mothering and Wifing was also fit into the month somehow.
This week begins Foreign Language week at my school so I'm hoping to post some nifty pictures and ideas for teachers of Spanish and French. But my main goal for the month of May is to STOP saying "but at the end of the day...." It was inadvertently brought to my attention from a dear relative that I say this all the time (incessantly). And when I thought about it long and hard, she was right. I actually do say this ad nauseam. But, at the end of the day, who the heck cares?

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