Thursday, March 23, 2006


Keep Your Technology Babe! Old School Is Where My Heart Is

What Every Teacher Should Know About Technology By Bernie Poole
Ed-tech professor Bernie Poole identifies six essential technology-related skills every good teacher should possess -- or acquire. (this comes via a blogger, and I darn it-can't remember who)

The unfortunate part of this article is that there are still some, but certainly not a lot of teachers who are back in dinosaur land re: technology. It's true and it's like the elephant in the room syndrome because it's too close to pour the bathwater out with the bambino.

But comments like, "My day ends at 2:30." "They don't pay me enough to learn technology." "Kids in groups? Huh? I gotta have my rows girl." That is the past and this is now. What's even more unfortunate are those teachers would never read a commentary like this because, another likely response, "what's a blog?" is their claim to fame.

Please know, this is no disrepect to the teachers (like the ones I had) who prided themselves on the perfect little rows, with the perfect handwriting on the board...AND to whom, being smart, meant being quiet and neat. No I'm not talking about them...or am I? ;)

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