Friday, February 24, 2006


Separate And Not Equal

I'm not the mother of twins, but I do have mixed views on today's NYT's article "Born Together, Raised Together, So Why Not in Classroom, Too?" By GINIA BELLAFANTE "Parents of twins and triplets often argue that the bond between such children is intense and thus privileged. Some believe that separation during the early years for siblings who may insist on sharing a bedroom or dressing alike poses unnecessary anxiety. Some simply maintain that their twins and triplets are happier and more confident when they are with one another rather than apart and are, consequently, abler learners and better friends to those around them."

It seems as though twins in a class setting would have a "one up's manship" 0n the social network that singletons have to acquire. However, anxiety is not something any educator would want a twin to endure. On the flip side, what about being an independent person? When does this get established with twins? Are parents the ones with the anxiety? It's certainly an article to be split over (no pun I promise).

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