Thursday, February 09, 2006


My Daughter My Friend

Who said Kids Say the Darndest Things? And while my daughter disappears on I try to imagine what life would be like without her having access to the computer or access to these words of wisdom from her. But sometimes the simple things are enough for her. Here are some of my 6 year old girls QUOTES From the mouth of my baby.

1) How do I get on Broadway? Here's my ticket.
2) I'm not going to school unless I have my earrings in.
3) You have to send the school my regischation form.
4) Have your students write 100x their name on the board.
5) Can I sleep in your bed pleaaaaasssssese
6) Ohhhhhhh she said a bad word.
7) Where is Stepanie? (She loves Survivor)
8) Ouch, Ouch! You're hurting me! Every morning I'm combing her hair.
9) When are you going to give me a baby?
10) What do you think is in the present we bought from CVS for Valentines' Day?

***11) When I'm blesshuing the kids say ILLLLLLLL.

Hi, Amy.

Kids do say the sweetest and snarkiest things.
Thanks for the comment!

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