Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Boys Will Boys If We Let Them.

I've been really analyzing the differences between how boys and girls learn. It's amazing that what works for girls doesn't necessarily work for boys. Over at SLJ I've posted some thoughts.

Boys have to be taught the way they Hands-on experiences. Sitting in rows or being expected to spit back out rote dialogue is NOT the Way for them to succeed. Even the greatest of men were out there...explorers, scientists, speakers, philosophers etc. Newsweek has uncovered some major concerns that really should raise some flags for educators and parents.

Here are some further thoughts on the subject. My opinions only.

1) While I commend men educators (because the money is not good at all), we need more and we also need GOOD role models. Not some egotist trying to relive his/her high school experience. How often do we see that in school?

2) Give challenges! How many of our young men love competition. We see it in sports all the time...right? Make your lessons both at school and home realistic.

3) Pat the boys on the back. They love to be acknowledged, appreciated and rewarded. Praise goes a long way.

4) Try not to brow beat the boys. It's hard enough for them with the peer pressure raging. Evil eyes hurt.

5) Let them be the leaders sometimes. A teacher's domain is oftentimes intimidating for boys who need to feel powerful and empowered.

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