Friday, December 02, 2005


Roberts Update

Okay...I made into school; ran to my student with the letter. I get a look like, come on Mrs. Bowllan no biggie. She was totally cool and I was the moron. Students are so funny and so emotionless when it comes to good news. I tried to explain to her that it's not everyday you receive letters from famous correspondents. I guess she'd have more of a reaction if it had been Matt Damon or someone else.

Anyway, we read John's letter together. And not only did he give her strategies on reporting, he also shared some of his reasons for choosing journalism as a career. The letter was 2 pages long! That is awesome for someone of his caliber to take the time out to write...from Washington.

Hats off to John Roberts!

Are you starstruck by journalist? From your post it seems you had an almost groupie mentality toward Mr. Roberts.

Don't misunderstand me, your excitement is great. But I wondered if your focus may have been more on the journalist and less on the student.

Great blog, keep it up. I'm bookmarking you.
Thanks Toasty for the reality check.

My enthusiasm in the post was certainly borderline "groupie-ish" But in my defense, I believe that when a journalist reaches out to a young person and provides some real life experiences and words of wisdom (John provided all with his two page letter) they have to be celebrated. These people as you probably can imagine are pretty busy.

And having produced stories with John Roberts in the past, I was encouraged that he took the time to craft a letter that my student is still talking about...1 week later. But your points are WELL taken.

Thanks for the comment,
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