Thursday, December 01, 2005


John Roberts ROCKS!

Today was awesome! Not only did my niece land an internship with FOX news channel; but John Roberts from CBS News responded to a letter one of my students wrote to him.

It's so cool; because out of 10 journalism students, she was one of the only ones to receive a letter back, based on an extensive research project they had to complete for the first trimester. The goal of the presentation was 3-fold. 1) research the correspondent's background 2) challenge their "point of view" and present a powerpoint presentation to the class (I videotaped this) 3) Write a letter to the correspondent with specific questions. Shame on the rest who didn't respond because these students put their heart and soul into this project.

AnyWho, the letter came today, so I am not sure just what he wrote to her. Although I was dying to open the letter....but didn't, I was good. I must admit I did phone my student's home endlessly to inform her the letter was sitting and JUST WAITING TO BE OPENED. It's exciting because MSM needs to come closer to their future viewers and for that I share a "SHOUT OUT!" to John Roberts for taking the time out during SWEEPS to write a high school senior.

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