Sunday, November 13, 2005


Things Have To Work

While I LOVE Anne's response to an email inquiry on "problems faced with integrating technology" whereby she states very accurately that, "The largest problem that we face in technology implementations is our outmoded paradigm of education. Traditional models of education are built around the teacher being the expert and the one that dispenses knowledge to students." I would also like to add (and shout from the rooftops) that, THINGS HAVE TO WORK. More and more I'm finding very frustrated teachers and technologists on the verge of breakdowns because the infrastructure is not up to par.

So consider yourself lucky if you have up-to-date technology that works ALL THE TIME. The one way to lose momentum with teachers and kill a program is to have slow internet access and different versions of Microsoft Office on every computer.

Hi Amy,
You are so right! Thanks for this post. I just blogged about it.( I really enjoy your blog so much!

Tell your mom I am waiting for future posts! I keep checking!

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