Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The Latest WebCraze

I hate to be so suspicious. But when a student is so engaged in a monitor during free periods, I have to wonder. So I gingerly approach, and gently tap the shoulder, and whisper "Hey...What ya workin on?" You know, the TECH POLICE role we play both at home and school? Well today, after I wiped the egg off of my face, I realized you cannot pre-judge what teens are using the Internet for. We've developed such a paranoia when it comes to online usage and these young people are whistling dixie.

Anyway, this particular student was frantic, trying to figure out this WEB SUDOKU. Heh??? Never heard of it until today and now I'm frantically trying to figure out, not only what the name means, but the puzzle available.

I might add, I am working on this after school hours.

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