Saturday, November 26, 2005


From Paperless To Even More Paper

With a full holiday weekend to get ready to go back to school (a positive spin) I've decided to organize the mounds of papers building up around my desk and at my feet. Three quarters are from my kid's school and the rest are articles and other items I'd like to read but never get around to.

What's really amazing is that with all of this ONLINE yada going on, how is it that SOOO much paper is being wasted? I see it at school and here at home. Here's a classic story of paper waste, my daughter is into writing "Santa" (you know the big guy with lots of dough?) and she uses countless pages for her list which has this teenie weenie picture on it. Now, some would say "That's OK...that's what kids do." While others would say it's my fault for allowing the waste. But at least at the end of yesterday two things remained constant 1) Fighting with my son that there is a Santa Claus (he loves to taunt my daughter who's a believer) and 2) The same pile of papers I'm looking at now. They both seem to NEVER go away.

My New Year's resolution is certainly in the making.

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