Sunday, November 20, 2005


Facebook and Myspace...What's Next?

From what I've been told, college students have outgrown the Myspace arena and have their own community at Facebook. This is probably common knowledge. But when I asked a senior at my school, "what are you going to do in college once you leave myspace?" She, very matter of factly, stated "they use Facebook in college Mrs. Bowllan." I had never heard of it...that's nothing new though. But I pretended to know very well and to not to look like a total loser.

But my questions are, Are these sites a right of passage or a platform for our young adults to communicate in? What's wrong with the spoken word? Doesn't anyone want to be heard anymore?

I guess if adults are using blogs to share their ideas, thoughts and experiences, the debate with these "spaces" and "faces" popping up is a no brainer. Young people want to be heard by whatever and whom ever will listen to them or read them. (so to speak)

see article-85% of college students use Facebook

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