Sunday, November 27, 2005


Back To The Drawing Board is hard to figure out sometimes. I should make a tee-shirt and have this as the slogan.

Believe me, I know from experience. Just last week, I had 2 students lose all of their work (pictures, graphics and sound) after nearly completing their Anchor Chat Session. This was after they saved their work repeatedly. It may be because they're using a laptop...don't know.

The goal is for the students to sit in front of a camera and record themselves as though they were anchors on the news. We use the Visual Communicator software from Serious Magic which is a pretty slick way of having students use backgrounds and a teleprompter to record the news in and around the school. It would probably make more sense if we had a "real" studio with edit bays and real cameras; but we work with what we have for now since the course is in year two.

But waking up today to an email from my student who lost his work, KILLS ME. It tells me that he's been stressed about wanting to finish his package. And yet I have no answers for him; just like a teacher wanting to have an answer for everything.

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