Monday, October 10, 2005


Let's Get Going...Come on!

I really hope we, as a PEOPLE, are not becoming immune or jaded by catastrophic, natural disasters like the recent earthquake in South Asia. (links are via Rebecca MacKinnon)

Where the heck is the NON STOP COVERAGE of the earthquake and the aftermath as they unfold? I can't find ONE, NOT ONE,NONE LIVE reporting of the aftermath and rescue efforts. Are there VOs and anchor packages? YES. But this kind of catastrophe is certainly worthy and worth the same efforts from the msm that were in place during the Tsunami disaster and New Orleans. HELLO??? Anyone there? News directors of the world...Please hear this, "Live coverage is still needed to get the word out of the enormity of this natural disaster." I know we've been inundated with catastrophic news lately but DON'T DROP THE BALL ON THIS ONE. People are dying and thousands more are dead. Let's work past the VoSOTVos
for this story please. Whew...I had to get that off my chest.

For online news the BBC online and other outfits are helpful.

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