Thursday, September 22, 2005


Who Like's Saran Wrap?

It's been quite busy with this "getting back to school" time. But in an effort to stay fully SANE, I decided to share my "contact paper" story. It's not a long and boring one...I promise.

My children were asked to cover their workbooks with contact paper and their textbooks with a "sock cover." Maybe it's me. But we used brown paper bags to cover books and it was far easier. Aren't "the times" supposed to bring in, the ease? Anyway, the contact paper has taken us ALL WEEK to try to master. Not to mention, I've already messed up my kids' workbooks and textbooks and will probably have to purchase new ones. My son says to me last night, "all the other kids have sock covers." I said, "pardon me?" "What the heck is a sock cover?" This is all happening during the same time I'm TRYING TO WRAP THE LEFTOVERS WITH SARAN WRAP. Needless to say, I messed that up too.

I'll take ANY and ALL suggestions on how to apply this saran wrap (which I absolutely HATE to use) fly-trap of an invention.

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