Friday, September 02, 2005


What Else is NEW?

As weird as it sounds, most of my evenings (after cooking dinner) is spent watching all of the cable news channels. So of course I'm fully apprised of everything that's happening in the world (from our perspective). I have seen so many M.S.M. correspondents really voicing their outrage at the, "how could this be happening question?"

So while I stay glued to the continuing coverage of Hurricane Katrina(thinking of a former student of mine also named Katrina) I can't help but wonder about the other news NOT making headlines. I must remember to share with my journalism students that other news is still happening even when ONE story (and rightfully so) is dominating the airwaves.

One particular story that hasn't gotten the coverage I think it deserves is the stampede on that bridge in Baghdad. The numbers dead is unreal.

I also, kind of knew they would release Joran VanDersloot in the Natalie Holloway case. It appears as though Aruba may be (in a way) relieved that Katrina is taking some media attention away from their island for a while.

And then, there are pictures from citizens showing clearly Katrina's devastating aftermath.

I almost feel a sense of guilt, going about my day as though every thing is peechy, squeeky, clean. NOT.

I also have a one question for Google. Why the black ribbon? I'm grateful they are stepping up efforts to help with the relief. But being that the media coverage is showing the majority of African Americans being the victims (and looters), I would have chosen another color. Those subliminal messages speak volumes.

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