Saturday, September 17, 2005


Channel 2 Reunion

It's been 10 years since I entered the educational arena. And if someone had asked me in the winter of 1995 what I'd be doing in 2005, I probably would have said, "anchoring a news desk some where...hopefully in NY." That was my life back then, NEWS, NEWS, and more NEWS.

Now that I'm teaching broadcast journalism to grades 9-12, I've been able to keep "in the business" so to speak, by sharing my experiences with my students. Just yesterday, my sophomore class had to read scripts in front of the camera and they were pretty good. One of my juniors picked up very quickly how to feed his video into Adobe premier. Our program is kind of grassroots but works like a million dollars. It works even better when you link them to real life journalist who provide words of reality. Like a recent blog post from Channel 2 anchor Shon Gables on "being careful for what you ask for."

So the other night, I'm at our Channel 2 News reunion and what a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE. I've tried many times to explain to my students why working in a newsroom is like having an additional family. You never lose track of the people who you worked so closely with. That night will live on in the hearts and minds of all who were in attendance. I forgot that Bill O'Reilly worked for Channel 2 (I also didn't know he was so tall). David Diaz is now teaching journalism at The City College of New York. He and I were nominated for an Emmy back in 1993 on an undercover story, "ClassRoomChaos." Lisa Rudolph, Carol Martin and Dr. Judy Kuriansky, were certainly my all time favorites.
Pat Battle, who is now at NBC, is still her ebullient self. This is the short list mind you...I actually just found a WCBS-TV alumni list of on-air talent.
Anyway, if it not for Eddie Pinder...this night wouldn't have happened. He had the vision. And like all news people do, he stepped out and took a chance. Oh what a night!

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