Saturday, August 06, 2005


With Blogs It's NOT About Addiction

I remember when I first heard about the Web over 10 years ago now. No one was talking about it. Now, years later, it's a way of life for most people. Here it is, just 8:00 am and I'm ONLINE.

Where am I going with this? Well, in Joe Gandelman's article, Americans Are NOT Addicted To Blogs, he writes, "Yes, blogs are satisfying to write. And, yes, some blogs have big circulations but this new info-and-(at times)-propaganda tool has a long way to go as a major molder of opinion according to a new study. The Boston Herald reports:''

So if blogs are a propaganda tool, why then are more and more people (no stats on this one) using this medium to access their news (journalists and me included)?

But more important was the comment written by Andrew Dodge (No relation to Bernie) "A blogs potential is what you make of it. I know of bloggers who have gotten writing gigs, publishing deals, media appearances offers etc etc. Most bloggers will post for a few weeks or months and get bored but some will use it for all its worth. The beauty of blogs is that no one has any idea, whether in academia or the media know, what impact they will have."

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