Thursday, August 04, 2005


New Chapters In Life

The new chapter of my book called LIFE is entitled, My Mother The Nun.

Mom is set to join a religious monastery in Brooklyn, NY this fall, after many years of raising kids, teaching nursing, playing tennis, taking care of my father (now deceased) who suffered for many years with hypertension, among many other maternal duties.

Now, she will finally have time for herself. Sometimes, I think we 'humanoids' wait too long to make decisions that will ultimately make us happy. And after having dinner tonight with my mom, I realized how happy this decision has made her. Don't get me wrong, I've tried ENDLESSLY to sway her in other directions using every temptation imaginable. Didn' work...she's set and leaving soon with a spiritual badge of courage that has taken her through the murder of my brother, to China to teach nursing and recently vacationed with us in the mountains.

Now what's a daughter to do? Teach my students in the fall to follow their dreams and keep their eyes on the my mom is doing.

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