Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Have you ever met someone who constantly said, "I KNOW?"

No matter what you told them? It's one of my irritants of course.

Well, Will really hits the nail on the head in his post, Why This is Going to Take Longer Than I’d Hoped. He writes that, "42% of all teachers are over 50, and it’s been my experience, stereotypical as it might be, that by and large, technology is not something older teachers come easily to. In fact, I did a training this morning where the frustration level among the older teachers was palpable, while the younger teachers were much more at ease."

I've had similar experiences when training teachers on technology integration. However, I must admit that the younger-teacher-trainees often have (what I term) the, KNOW IT ALL Syndrome. You could tell them you went to Mars and back and found a really neat rock for their science class. And they would say, "I know. I know...been there done that. Next..." [as they use a coquettish snap of their finger in the air] Now, that's not to say that ALL younger teachers do this. But sometimes it's easier working with veteran teachers (although I have had my most resistance with upper school faculty members) once the TechWallOfFear is broken down. The key (for me) is trying to develop a bridge with both factions by having one-on-one collaborative training sessions. It ain't easy though. And they say teaching students is hard.

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