Sunday, August 21, 2005


And Then There Were Vlogs

I missed the CBS Evening News piece on Vlogging ..."For those striving to stay on the cutting edge, blogging is so "last year." Now, it's all about "vlogging."

Last trimester my students used Visual Communicator Software which was amazing for them to produce their own pieces. This fall, the goal is to definitely get them jazzed about the uses of Vlogging and PLogging (this is a term I use for putting their packages on the web). It will provide a vehicle for students to see their reporting skills from anywhere and any computer terminal. Last year, I had so many parents ask me to dub their child's work to dvd which took way too much time. The vlogging will eliminate that piece at least.

For some reason, I don't think I am using the right term for what my journalism students are producing regarding vlogging.

What the curriculum will entail is producing mini packages for "air" to be viewed on the web (provided we have the bandwith).

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