Friday, June 03, 2005


Summer Reading

While I prepare my summer reading list for my next year's journalism students, I can't help but lament over the fact that my own son is not motivated to read books. I'm probably over dramatizing a bit, but a book is not the first thing he picks up if he has an option.

I read all of the parent articles on: gentle encouragement, keeping books around the house, visiting the library (I have to say, he loves having his library card because for some reason he thinks it has the same value as my ATM card...I tell him, "the library card has more value on it so don't lose it."), reading to your child (although I could do more in this area) and I'm sure there are many more strategies to increase his love for reading. I am open to any and all.

I actually stumbled on a very informative essay, entitled "Good Readers are Made not Born" by W.H. Manke. who writes, (and this, I didn't know-my next blog title)
"Research has shown clearly that reading ability is not dependent on intelligence. A low IQ does not equate to poor reading!"

So my summer project will be to continue encouraging my son and I will update you on his...and MY progress.

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