Thursday, June 02, 2005


The P Word

Once I buy my first iPod, I'm sure I'll be able to get in the podcast phenomenon. However, I'm sure I've posted about this in the past (just too lazy to flip through past posts...come on google! Get a search engine on the blogs please).

Steve Dembo, (among other bloggers) has been educating his readers about the power of "podcasting in education" for some time now, and he has some great podcast initiatives for using podcasts.

Satish Talim, has also posted today for those of us who are podcast newbies. So my goal for the upcoming school year is..."podcasts in the classroom." He writes...

"Podcasting has become the latest hyped Internet technology. It's a way of using your computer to automatically download audio shows to your iPod (or other player), so that you've always got something new to listen to. Getting started with podcasting is easy."

My prediction is that the word Podcast, will be the #1 word for 2005. Although, knowing me, it probably has been already; I'm so out of the loop sometimes.

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