Thursday, June 09, 2005


Hunter's Conclusion

"Hunter you're growing and growing up fast, it's your first day of school and it won't be your last."
"But Mom." Hunter sighed, as she looked at the bus, as it drove down the street for the next crayon bunch. "I don't want to grow up. I thought I did, I thought you'd be with me through thick and thin."
"As your mom, I'll be with through everthing, but it will be your own experience, so you can grow your own wings. It's just like birds cannot fly, until one day they'll soar all over the sky."
"Yes birds have wings," Hunter said as she thought, "but they fly together, why can't that be us?"
Hunter shed a few tears and then started to cry.
Mrs. Green said, "Hunter now look in my eyes. We do fly together, in our own special way. As Crayons, we color together everyday. And when you come out of school you can one day be, anything your little heart dreams."
"Like a crayastronaut or crayonologist?"
"Or a you're getting it."
"But while I'm' in school, who will you draw with? And what about tea?
What about the park? Will you about forget me?
"Forget about you?" Mom said with surprise. "That could never happen
for as long as I am alive."
"I'm ready now mom, I can't be late. Don't you know school starts
at the stroke of eight?"

The End (a story from The Land of Crayons)

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