Friday, June 03, 2005


Final Thoughts

Official classes have ended today and Monday starts finals for our students. The history 10 class (I've been team teaching) was given a final writing assignment which, basically, asked them to "define what it means to be an information literate student." We asked this question because, for the last trimester, my colleague and I integrated digital information into the curriculum. Students used the tech center twice a week in an effort to enhance their text learning. So we felt it was important to get some feedback as to the role technology has played in their education.

While most students answered in the way I expected; I did have one student who wrote that books were far more informative, innovative and creative than internet resources. He also called himself a "conservative" in the area of technology. Although, he does realize the importance of the internet.

So I reflected on today as, me, having my own final because my class came to the conclusion, (on their own) that "what good is the information if you don't know how to use and assess it?" Right on!

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