Monday, June 27, 2005


Behind Every Woman...

sometimes, there is a great man. And right now as I prepare to depart for the NECC conference with my, accountant, mentor, personal assistant, friend, advisor, tech guru, family documenatarian, and photographer (he also happens to be my husband of 10 years) I was struck while researching a bio-bit about a librarian who I just linked to on a subject over at the SLJ Virtual Summit Blog, entitled, Who Knows More?)

Anyway, Meredith, the young librarian at Information Wants To Be Free, credits her husband by saying, "I'm married to a wonderful and patient man who has taught me almost everything I know about being a tech-geek (and I mean that as a good thing)." This really hit home for me because my husband really deserves the same credit; although I don't always give it (shame on me). He (I can't give his name, because he's much too humble) introduced me to the Web and blogging over the years and is a very passionate supporter of mine in all technological endeavors. It's also not a mystery that women are not always considered to be "techies" (whatever that means) by nature. So even though we sometimes, (okay, most times) don't see eye-to-eye on the day-to-day issues, at the end of the day I have to be grateful to him because he took the day off to join me at what is predicted to be an awesome NECC conference. I also know he doesn't read my blog; so I'm safe from scrutiny.

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