Saturday, June 18, 2005


Back From Rochester

Traveling and blogging has certainly taken on new meaning for me. Not only do I have to check the flood of emails (ok...slight exaggeration) but my BLOGS & THINGS TO DO LIST has just grown.

Here's the list and I welcome ANY and ALL helpful TIPS on how to accomplish the following.

1) I need to add to my blogroll, Friday femmes fatales No 10 by Natalie Bennett. She linked to a post I wrote on Books Getting A Bad Rap. I wasn't familiar with her site...but seems veerryyy interesting (if you can imagine an Eartha Kitt purrrrr).

2) I need to purchase the book, Business Blogs: A Practical Guide by Bill Ives and Amanda Watlington. I happen to be one of the 70 bloggers interviewed and have yet to buy the darn book...shame on me.

3) Get back on track with my SLJ Virtual Summit Blog. I REALLY don't like waiting a week to post. But being away, takes me away from the blog mindset and it was also impossible accessing the blog software (remotely). NO EXCUSES.

4) NECC conference is coming up at the end of June and my main question is "will I bring my kids with me?" There will be much blogging on location, I'm sure.

5) David Wise, one of the teachers I'm training on "How To Blog" from Mbale (a small town in Uganda, Africa) left on Monday and will need some remote help on teacher blogging from overseas.

6) I was shocked to learn that The St. Brigid Church on the Lower East Side will probably be demolished (see link). This is truly a historic landmark in Manhattan that sits right across the street from the beautiful Thomkins Square Park.

I started my educational career at The New St. Brigid School. At that time (back in 1996) I was making the career change from broadcast television to teaching (although that's another story). But I really want to research Patrick Keely, an Irish immigrant came from Thurles, County Tipperary in the mid 1800s and was the designer/architect of over 600 churches. St. Brigid was one of them.

7)I have to re-configure my blogroll links. Before I left, it had some quirky data coding I need to fix and try to figure out. I also have to update it.


9) I have to Prepare for my Summer Webbin 4 Teacher Training courses. This summer the focus is, Blogs in Education.

10) Send my father-in-law a father's day greeting and warm thanks for taking me to several Rochester libraries. At 85 years old, he gave me some great blog ideas and parenting tips.

I guess this is what a "vacation" can do for a gal. :)

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