Friday, May 06, 2005


The WHO's WHO Hall of Shame

I was THRILLED when I received the letter in my mailbox two weeks ago.
Red carpet, Award ceremony, screaming former students (in the audience) was off in the near future (you can see I am having fun with this? :) You've been nominated for "Who's Who" for American educators. One of my best students nominated me. Now I daze off....The book, the prestige, the cost, the people to send it to; Come on? The reality.... There are millions of people who should be in Who's Who. Why is there a cost for a book that comes from inspired students just trying to "give back" something from their heart....a thanks?

Anyway, I thought I was being a sadist when I deep sixed the two envelopes that came, on the same day (I might add). It got me thinking that I was nominated twice. So I will admit, my face had the Kodak moment for a lifetime. But as I fast forward to today and stumbled upon...Pedablogue blog who had the same euphoric experience, also had the same red flags. Fortunately, I learned in the newsroom long ago...."if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." But when a child's name is attached to an envelope, you can't be a cynic. So I had to be realistic and take it for what it was worth.... A nice compliment I didn't feel comfortable paying for.

While I love the student who nominated me, I hope she knows that "WHO'S WHO" has nothing to do with how she really feels. I felt really guilty not purchasing the book. But there in lies the trap. It's the book that your name will be in and live in forever. NOT...I'd rather have my student keep my name etched in her memory; because whether I like it or not, I will never forget her nominating me for "something." It's truly an honor." Even if the honor has a price tag.

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