Monday, May 30, 2005


When Moi Doesn't Get It

After FIVE times of trying to understand the following Daily News Article Parents agog over kids' diary blogs (agog) by Dawn Eden. I came away with one thing (and I tell my son constantly to stop saying I don't get it) I DON'T GET IT.

I know I may be slow sometimes. But normally I think I get "it." Although I stumbled on LazyGal's blog this week and discovered that others think I don't get "it." But that's okay...only kind thoughts sent their way.

Anyway, back to the article. I'm trying to figure out the following

1) It's not clear if Eden herself has a blog? She references some guy named Denham "Bob Denham, a reader of my blog who was there, writes via E-mail." If she has a blog, where's the link?
2) I never got from the story that parents were overly excited about their kid's journal or blog. She never makes the distinction between Blogs and Online Journals. Or maybe she did and I didn't get "it."
3) Then there's the big jump, at the end of the article she writes... "One resource for parents wishing to know how best to monitor children's Internet use is the nonprofit Services such as FamiLink ( also enable parents to block their children from accessing free blogging sites."

But in the article, Eden references Xanga and Livejournal as the online site used by our young people. Last I read at Will's site, there's a distinct difference between blogging and student's online journals.

"North Dakota artist Julie Neidlinger got a shock when she discovered a blog by a high-schooler threatening a teacher - who happened to be Neidlinger's mom. The teen wrote, "If she wants a WAR, she will get one." Huh? Where did that come from.

If you GET IT let me know.

No, I have to admit I didn't get it either. It was a jumble of ideas without any real connection. It isn't clear to me what her point is. And how does she get from parents being agog to wanting to block blogging sites?

Is she a regular writer for the paper or a guest? I would be interested in reading her blog, if there is one and if we can ever find it.
Amy, sorry if the distinction I made between the different kinds of blogs wasn't clear. I tried to make that distinction when I wrote, "When the press refers to blogs, it usually means those offering frequently updated political commentary, gossip or links to breaking news. But the blogs that worry parents are a different kind of animal - online diaries that kids create through free sites such as LiveJournal and Xanga."

In my defense, it's hard to make such distinctions in a 350-word column. I'm trying to explain how some parents are hearing horror stories about kids' using blogs, and also show what they can do to learn more about kids' blogging--or to blog their kids from blogging if need be. is a good clearinghouse of information on that topic.

Also, in the manuscript that I submitted to the News, I did include a link to my blog for the version of my column that appears on the News' Web site, but the link was lost during the editing. That's a "growing pain" caused by the fact that most News writers don't include hyperlinks in their columns--the Web people are on it and future online versions of my column should contain all relevant links. My blog is The Dawn Patrol, .

If you go to and look at her Sunday entry, you'll see a link (under "Welcome Daily News Readers") to the story that I referenced in my column.
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