Sunday, May 08, 2005


An Unbreakable Bond

In today's New York Times, Nicole Keeter writes about her earlier childhood experiences as being one of two blacks in a small Iowan town in the earlier 1980s. The New Girl sends a passionate, yet vivid reminder of how mixing real life racial issues in with normal childhood experiences can leave marks too deep for some to heal. This article also reveals an unbreakable bond that sometimes develops when two children meet eachother under some very unkind circumstances.

Here's an excerpt...
''How do you. . . .'' she said when I stopped for our first real meeting. She gathered herself. ''How do you do it here, with only them all the time?'' ''Them?'' I said, feeling my body stiffen. ''I don't know what you mean.'' She studied my face and hugged her knees more tightly. ''The boys were out here laughing, saying how gross it would be to kiss a little. . . .'' She shuddered. And then came the N-word."

The end of this article really left me wondering (deeply) about the fate of Chris. I wonder what happened to her? What did her experience teach her? Nicole, obviously grew through her past issues that probably made her who she is today; but I am very curious about Chris. Sometimes one word can make or break someone's spirit forever. It's sad but true.

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