Monday, May 02, 2005


A Tapestry of Blogs

Will Richardson shares today an MSNBC article blogging too much information. This got me thinking of what would happen if "Their Parents Were To Start Blogging?" They could actually circumvent some of these problems young people are running into because they would know the VALUE of blogs.

We're now finding in schools, that the more teachers know about the online world, and what's available (like blogging, webquests CBS2NY internet parent pack etc.) they can guide their students to use the tools for positive purposes. Educators like, Will, Anne Davis and the many others using blogs as a teaching tool are showing that the possibilities are's a matter of redirecting the ebb and flow of the online tide. It's just like when we were in school and the telephone and television were the "enemies." Today it's the online jungle. Tomorrow it's going to be something else.

Take my mom (not literally) she is an educator and a parent on the verge of re....ment. She has also just begun her online blog journey by providing invaluable information to her children. Today's post is My family tree. Very cool post because this information is priceless and now will live on forever. Thanks mom!

"Take my mom!!!, No thanks I'm not for the taking; but Amy you have given me the BlogBug & I've begun my lifelong quest to Tell our story! Thanks for the push!!Love,mom
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