Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Passing The Blog Baton

Okay, this is really breaking news! So sit down and hold on to your key-belts...because I have a brand new blogger to report on and he's got some real educational issues to discuss.
After much support from another blogger (myself), Dr. Peter Lewis our Head of School (the Principal) is off and running in the blog race. His opening post (today) A thought for the day
challenges the timed component of the New SAT test. (see today's NYTimes article)

"The question that I pose to all teachers and administrators (public, private and otherwise): why do we have to set such stringent time requirements for our students on tests? My hunch is that the main reason is: we do not want to screw up the schedule that oversees our day and our student's learning. Our commitment to time is not so much a pedagogical piece as much as a scheduling piece."

Whether he knows it or not, Dr. Lewis is truly breaking new ground in the blogosphere because many higher end administors don't blog. If I am wrong I will be thrilled. However, there is a superintendent blogger I have been reading in Florida. He is really making progress with his school community because he's taking on the tough questions. What impresses me about Dr. Lewis in his initial blog is....he's asking the tough questions. Welcome him...(please)

Welcome,Dr. Lewis! At least I now officially know that I am not the newest blogger on the net!!

Amy, the conference looks great! I just finished Weinburger's "Small pieces loosly joined" and loved it. Will definately look into the conference. Thanks for the info!
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