Saturday, May 14, 2005


My Virtual Summit Woes

Oh the blogs of woe!!!!!!!!!

Boy, this blogging gig is not always an easy one to take...sometimes. You think you're doing your BEST WORK and contributing to the field and then you realize there's more to do; or you're not doing enough. I was over at Steven Cohen's Library Stuff blog and noticed how kind he was to post about the SLJ Virtual Summit Blog. He was actually responding to a comment I left for him. But then I read on...He states, and rightfully so:

"While I'm thrilled that SLJ has started blogging, I noticed that there is no RSS Feed (it looks like their readers have noticed it as well), which means I won't be keeping track of the blog (yet). I'm a bit surprised that in May of 2005 a company would launch a blog without an RSS feed already in place. Scoble is right. A new site without an RSS feed is lame. Especially a blog..."

So I have a question for Steve (I hope it's not a stupid question), because I am still considered a "Rookie Blogger" (see Will's Posting) and I don't always know these things. In the future, will readers come to the SLJ Summit Blog if there is an RSS feed? I am sure we'll have one soon; because of the email we've received so far. But in all honesty, I just thought it was automatic to have an RSS feed. Back in November Will spoke at the Mohonk conference and introduced blogs in education and I haven't stopped blogging since. He told us everything we needed to know to get started and RSS was just a part of the agenda. So when I went to SLJ (it's not their fault) with the blog idea (after I attended their SUMMIT conference)....and the story continues; oh well. I guess I am naive and still a little blog/green.
Woe is me...what to do? This is definitely a job for Will. Any words of advice?

Hey pressure! Not too much I can'll have to get your blog programmers to fix one up for you. Sorry for serving you the Kool-Aid! You've obviously OD'd... :0)
Thanks Will for your comment! I definitely drank the Kool Aid...and probably too quickly. What's the name of the 12 step program for bloggers again? :)
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