Friday, May 06, 2005


The Human Side of Blogs - Continued

before I lose this again...I am reposting what was inadvertantly chopped off (thanks to "knot" knowing HTML coding-arrrggghh) Here are my final thoughts on the HUMAN SIDE OF BLOGGING. Here it goes...

Blogs have liberated: the educator, the journalist, the philosopher, the students, the voter, me... but most importantly, the people. There are even PhotoBloggers...

Photoblogs Photo blogs capture slices of everyday life Alex L. Goldfayn
"Photo blogs are the evolutionary offspring of text-only Web logs, or blogs, where anybody can write anything for posting on the Internet. Photo blogs let users post photographs and diary-like descriptions."

Blogs are freeing our minds from the thoughts, of the "AHAAA" moments that were once, just discussed in the faculty room. Now you can literally "think outside the box" online.
Bloggers have very logically taken a stance on NOT waiting for "the papers" or "the journals" to come off the presses before reality strikes. Teachers, Librarians, Writers are all (very rapidly) becoming purveyors of information. It's just that teachers live it and don't always consider themselves the "experts" outside of their own domain.

Just think of all of those teachers we had when we were growing up. Whether they were good, bad or indifferent, if they had blogs, we would have more today. Certain things would probably make sense, like "why is this teacher always frowning?" You can't just be a teacher and forget the human interaction. That one day of instruction will live on in the life of your student forever. Our profession provides the human side to something that was once forbidden.

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