Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Gone But Not Forgotten

Remember Kodak's flash cube?

Well, my son's second grade end of the year project is to create an autobiography, picture timeline. So of course, I read the assignment and immediately get catapulted into the weepy mom syndrome, thinking, "Wow! He's really growing up." But what a great bonding moment...Mom and son, relaxing around the fireplace with the good old family photo album for that much awaited trip down memory lane. Then it's reality and it quickly dawns on me...WHAT FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM? I actually have ONE, just one. Most of our family pictures are on CDs. I just remember how my grandparents always had their photo albums out on display and whenever asked "what would you save first, in the case of an emergency?" It was ALWAYS...the photo albums.

We have been taking digital photos for years and have been keeping the pictures on the computer. And to watch my son scan through mounds of online photos of himself on the computer was certainly a teachable moment. I explained how cameras and photography evolved over the years and we researched different cameras and compared to today. So I guess we'll have to snuggle around the computer screen or I better figure out a way to (stop being lazy and) make a photo album.

I too noticed that my family tree was part of the "tested curriculum" and covered in our "standards." Perhaps I should spend a week on this topic...I really want to know this content.
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