Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Fun With Timelines on WebWednesday

Whoever said "you learn something new everyday" really was RIGHT ON. Today's history techclass was creating timelines. Now normally you would think..."BORING!" Get a picture, get a date, what's the big deal? But I have to say, there's so much out there for creating fun and interactive timelines. One of my students is still here engrossed in using Powerpoint to create a timeline. But here's the best part, Microsoft word has timeline templates. It also has a Make a Timeline With Excel Tutorial I didn't know this (but what else is new?). There's also a timeline maker that allows you to plug in the dates and events and it creates a timeline for you. Now there's always a favorite with these kinds of projects. So I'd have to say that using Inspiration software has been THE most popular. Once the students figured out the sample that was provided. One of my angels uttered the following when first given this assignment "could you imagine Galileo using powerpoint? Coooooool!"

You gotta love it.

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