Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Finally...I Got It

Yesterday, I had a mini-rant about the Daily News article, Parents agog over kids' diary blogs by Dawn Eden . I couldn't fully grasp the meaning of the article; I was also looking to deeply into it.

Well Dawn Eden (herself) had to come to my rescue and explain. So it's no wonder why her blog is called The Dawn Patrol.

Here are some of her comments.

"Amy, sorry if the distinction I made between the different kinds of blogs wasn't clear. I tried to make that distinction when I wrote, "When the press refers to blogs, it usually means those offering frequently updated political commentary, gossip or links to breaking news. But the blogs that worry parents are a different kind of animal - online diaries that kids create through free sites such as LiveJournal and Xanga."

"In my defense, it's hard to make such distinctions in a 350-word column. I'm trying to explain how some parents are hearing horror stories about kids' using blogs, and also show what they can do to learn more about kids' blogging--or to blog their kids from blogging if need be. Wiredsafety.org is a good clearinghouse of information on that topic."

I truly appreciate Dawn's comments (that's again why blogs are so great; feedback is sometimes immediate). But there are some great blog stories happening in the schools and the MSM should continue to find and report those as well as the "not so good blog stories."

Thanks for the update. I am still not sure I get it though.
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