Thursday, May 12, 2005


A Donkey IN THE Blog Mirror

So this is my second posting day at the SLJ Virtual Summit Blog and I have to say it's kind of cool. I am a little nervous though because you never know how your writing will be preceived by new readers. Plus, bloggers are known to be a little self-conscious. But I have to give you my "donkey IN THE Blog Mirror" story. I wish I could make the donkey sound. Because this is a classic case of...WHY TECHIES DON'T LIKE OR APPRECIATE NON-TECHIES.

Anyway, the SLJ technology staff are amazing. They really "get the job done" and there's certainly no time for chit-chat...their job is always quick, efficient and complete. But most of all they're NICE. I guess that's the difference between working with corporate and schools. Unfortunately, schools and libraries don't have the same level of resources to put money into tech staffs. But these people are VERY EASY to work far. I'm not glossing this over either. Anyone in education knows how tough it is sometimes to WORK WITH TECHIES. It's proven. There's a LOVE HATE relationship between us. Quick of the SLJ tech staff went through incredible detail about HOW TO USE THE BLOG TOOL ELOGIC. Right? Took a lot of time on it...Sent it.... Amended it. And all I was supposed to do was READ THE DARN THING. So...what did I do? Well.........I read it. At least, I thought I did. But I Did NOT READ IT...thoroughly (you know? the old once over...I got So for post#1, this brilliant, kind and patient staffer had to re-work some ISHKABBIBBLE coding that showed up in the post. It looked like characters I'd never seen before. But my trainer specifically stated in her instructions "TO NOT CUT AND PASTE FROM MICROSOFT WORD." And what did I do? Exactly the opposite. I CUT AND PASTE from Microsoft Word. And what did she do? Fixed the problem but definitely pointed out that it was IN THE DIRECTIONS.

So there is a reason why Techies don't always care for Non-Techies. But to my defense, this blog tool is far different from Blogger with many more bugs. Read The manual (reworded of course) at its best.

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