Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Blogs in Education

For today's faculty meeting I thought, "instead of trying to explain blogs (short for weblogs) by lecturing about them, why don't we just go right to the source." Now if you look at the word blog in the previous sentence you'll see that it is highlighted. Please click on the word blog. You will immediately go to the definition of blog. And throughout this posting you will see words highlighted. This is called hyperlinking and will take you to source of where I got the information I want to share. There are many points to learn in regards to blogging. Will I be able to explain ALL of blogging in 15 minutes? No. However, I will provide you with ways blogging can enhance your curriculum with a quick overview and save some time for questions. There is also a comment section at the bottom of this post that allows for questions or comments if you think of it after this meeting. I'd like to start with reading some passages from the article, In the Classroom, Web Logs Are the New Bulletin Boards By JEFFREY SELINGO.

Now let's take a look at some examples of class blogs and how they're used in education.

More Classroom Blogs - ITEC501 Class Blog



Visit My Class

Social Studies blog

Bud The Teacher

Classroom blogs

Blogging vs. Posting

Examples of Students answering Blog questions

Teacher Parent Communication

Classroom and Teacher Applications

Teacher Librarian Blog Article.

Who Says Elementary Schools Can't Blog

Where I Got It
(blogging in education)

Points to consider:
-When you want to expand your classroom past the day.
-Enhance writing skills
-Student Identity and educating the parents
-Provides a forum for "getting out what's in"
-Use this forum but need to know that what they publish will follow them
-Publishing for the world

More links...
Web Pedagogy Blog

Will's FAQs

I hope I didn't overwhelm you. But this is a very exciting tool to use.

What about posting pictures? And deleting unwanted comments? We'll save that for another meeting.

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