Friday, May 06, 2005


Blogs Aren't Flat

Just reading the following article, Tuning in to Jon Stewart, and Britney Schmidt By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN for the third time and I cannot imagine a book tour of this magnitude having NO blog impact. (sorry double negative-but I get much of my news from blogs and I consider myself educated Mr. Friedman)

He states the following..."many educated people seem to be getting their news from Comedy Central. Say what? As any author will tell you, the best TV book shows to be on have long been Don Imus, Charlie Rose, C-Span, Tim Russert on CNBC, "Today," Oprah and selected programs on CNN, Fox and MSNBC. They are all still huge. But what was new for me on this tour was the number of people who also mentioned getting their news from Jon Stewart's truly funny news satire, "The Daily Show."

Don't get me wrong. I agree with his notion that,

"...there's a huge undertow of worry out in the country about how our kids are being educated and whether they'll be able to find jobs in an increasingly flat world, where more Chinese, Indians and Russians than ever can connect, collaborate and compete with us."

However, in regards to his passions of teaching students how to, "love to learn" or "learn how to learn" we have to challenge the 21st century student in the world that THEY live in. They are millennium learners and no classroom door or virtual door should be closed to them. We should have far more American interested engineering students. But I am a hopeful optimist that this wave of new learning initiatives will change that.

We've also have to keep in mind that not to long ago, the educational experts released valid data on the issue of learning style and differences. How have we changed the educational classroom to meet the needs of varied learning needs. NOW we know hat all students learn very differently. I know I am a visual learner...tried and true. I need to see things.

But, Mr. Friedman is right on when he states that "you can inspire a student to want to learn, no matter what the subject." But what I want to see is for my student to make that connection early on in life and not after he has written a best seller.

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