Thursday, May 12, 2005


Blogging Proves...It's A Small World After All

Do I know how to speak Dutch? No. But when moqub (a blogger from the Netherlands) links to your blog, and writes about a Libra/Tech posting (I am very passionate about Libra/Tech because I coined the phrase for my school) you want to learn the language pretty quickly. So thanks to a FREE TRANSLATION SITE, I was able to decipher some of what her posting was about. I'm still not 100% sure I wasn't being "dissed" (that's the NY in me, always paranoid) but I still left a English of course.

My Post Title- An Unlikely Couple Referring to my post on Libraries and Technology
Her Post Title- Een koud huwelijk?
English Translation Of Her Title - A cold marriage? (I like it. Although I don't agree. Because Eventually, Library and Technology will have a blissful relationship.)

Dutch--"Leuk zo'n nieuw woord. Nu nog een leuke vertaling vinden."
English translation--Nicely such new word. Now that yet an amusing translation find

What's my point? Well, after reading her post, I was determined to find out what she was writing and I found the basic premise within 10 minutes. I could translate a posting from a language I did not know. Thanks to the internet. Our world is REALLY getting smaller (although don't try to paint it); which is why we as educators have to embrace change and use the free online resources that are readily available to the fullest extent.

Just imagine a foreign speaking student coming into class and you (the teacher or administrator) have at your disposable a link to their language. That's huge. I don't think anyone would feel the frustration of "what can I say? I don't speak the language." Now...the 21st. century educator has no more excuses.

Tomorrow I have to share my "shhhh quiet library story." I am still seething about it. So I cannot write, right now.


Thanks for the comment (within one day, you're fast!)

The title of the entry has a cynical undertone. In my daily work I try to combine technology with library techniques and search for new ways to help the students with finding what the are looking for. But I know that there are yet not much Libra/Techs in the Netherlands, so therefor A cold marriage (for now :).


the marriage is cold for now :)
But I am sure with your techniques and integration the pair will warm up. It takes time. I thank you also because visiting your site, I now can learn some Dutch. It's great and I passed your blog onto Dr. Lewis our Head of School.
Good Luck to you,
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