Monday, May 23, 2005


Blogging Intros for K-6

Tomorrow I'll be giving a mini workshop on using blogs in the classroom; an introduction to our K-6 faculty. If anyone has any userfriendly links or advice, I greatly welcome any and all. Ed-Tech has an article today, Classroom Blogging Blooms in Spring by Tom Hoffman.

Well, since you ask. . . ,I'll have to shoot you the link to the one my students and I have been grappling with this year.
We're using David Warlick's BlogMeister, chiefly because it lets me moderate all posting and comments. But check out the "Other Bloggers" links for a 1st grade blog (using BlogMeister) and 3 5th grade blogs (using Blogger). I will also be promoting the use of blogs this summer in workshops. I think they can definitely serve a purpose, especially when connected to ongoing literacy work with writing notebooks (think "Writing NoteBlog") and editorials.
Maybe some of this post (How to start a blog) could be useful.
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