Thursday, April 14, 2005


Why Team Teaching is the Way to Grow

I mentioned while vacationing in California how I am taking on this World History course. Well it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Although I am sure some of my colleagues wouldn't think so. But really it's been a new experience because I am team-teaching the course with the head of school who is a true historian. While my background is in journalism/research; his is a doctorate in history. I have to say we are having a blast. The course has us taking the students back in time...into the exploration period of world history and of course there's a blog for it. Some genius is putting daily summaries of every imagineable topic out there with linksWorld-History Blog.
Great Thinkers Are Bloggers!
Anyway, team teaching has allowed both of us to explore our own individual crafts. I can teach the students how to access the past information like a reporter and our Head of School can fill the information gaps with his lectures. Not to mention, we are having a blast because the students are uncovering their own historical justifications. Stay tuned because we do have our "upstarts" (to coin our Head of School)!

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