Monday, April 04, 2005


WelcoME Back

We made it back from L.A. on the red eye this morning and zzzzzzzz
Here's a head start on the CBS 2 NY Internet Parent Pack for this Week .
I will be sharing/blogging (once I get some sleep) about my 10th grade world history teaching experience with our head of school. It's certainly making me rethink how much we can do when two heads are working together in a class setting instead of ONE.

Sports and Math
Pearson Education

This is an interactive way to increase your math skills.

Explore the World
Student news net. Ninth Wave Media

Have your child stay current with current events.

This site has several types of art projects for students learning fine

Lugares en espanol para ninos

Segmation The Art of Pieceful Imaging
Gina Dawn Kinnard

Choose a number and paint by numbers.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t
Colour Investigation Puzzle/Woodland’s Junior School

Have fun with colors while learning all you can do with red and blue.

Woodlands Science Zone
Test your eyes and brain wit with these online optical illusions.


This site makes it easy to remember those hard to remember math formulas.

Bang on Time
Learn how to tell time.

Giselles’ Pick and Click

Interactive site words your child will learn to master.

HELLO Blogger


I like to leave little "helps" after reading a good blog, or going over the blog comments, just to start people thinking about, well, everything.

2006 is just around the corner.

Thought about what you would like to achieve next year?

Did you do all you wanted to do this year, personally, professionally and perhaps spiritually?

My guess is; probably not. Most people don't know how to set workable goals and if they do, the don't know how to manage them.

When is the last time you actually took time to write down all you would like to do and accomplish in life? Or even a few of the small things you would like to do but didn't think would be possible?

We all have the potential to get almost anything we want out of life. It just takes a little work, thinking and action.

The first step is knowing how to set effective goals and then of course, how to follow up on them. That's the hard part. Following up.

How would you like to actually make this years New Years Resolution come true? Of course it would have to be attainable, and possible, but you could do it if you knew how.


Use the FREE information @ How To Set Goals and have a really GREAT NEW YEAR.

All the BEST!
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