Saturday, April 09, 2005


The Truth About COMMENTS

Over at Daily Kos, Hunter takes on the philosophy of blogs (I think) and shares some inner visions about "the astounding and wondrous wondrousness of blogs."
Friday Night Snark: The Philosophical Blogger by Hunter One of the points mentioned was...
* "Having a blog without comments is like operating a chainsaw while wearing proper eye protection. Sure, you can do it, but it makes you a sissy."
I didn't know my character as a blogger was built around whether I received comments or not. I better not share this with our younger students.
There is definitely a similarity between a Journalism blogger and an Educational blogger. But I think there should be a distinction made here. And after reading many of the 100+ comments written I realized that most of the comments did not address the post. Many comments were one liner, funny (if you get it) types, with experts ranting about proper grammar.
I would hope that when someone comments on an educational blog it is for a purpose. It's reminds me of when I was working in news. Viewers would call in right after a broadcast to share their comments; but it was very specific to the piece that had aired. However, when you didn't get the calls you would realize the broadcast was (at least in the eyes of management) OK. So I really believe people visit and read blog not always ready to comment but to learn. They may even want to read some thoughts or news of the day. Readers are not naturally compelled to leave a comment (in my opinion). Now maybe this is because I don't get a lot of comments and I'm being defensive; but I guess I'm stuck in a newsroom mentality that no news is good news. Therefore, I have to disagree with Hunter on this one. I guess I could have left a comment. But I want to add one more to the list...
Having a blog is like being in a pitch black room with people you cannot see but you can surely hear loud and clear even if you don't get a comment.

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